Sony has given new details on the upcoming Beta and Bomb Squad competitive mode for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. In Bomb Squad mode, insurgents have placed bombs in different locations on the given map. It’s up to the Special Ops team to locate and diffuse each bomb before time runs out and it goes BOOM.

The Special Ops Team includes a Bomb Technician character, whose job is to defuse each explosive. The rest of the teams job is to protect him with cover fire. The Bomb Technician is armed and has an automatic shotgun and mobile grenade launcher.

Bomb Squad mode is just one of the four competitive multiplayer modes. The other modes include Suppression, Last Defense and Uplink.

Beta Info

The upcoming SOCOM 4 Beta will include all four multiplayer modes which will be playable on the Port Authority and Assault & Battery maps in Standard or Classic. The Beta will also be PS Move and 3DTV compatible.

PlayStation Plus members get early access: March 22 for North America, March 23 for Europe. Those who received a beta code with Killzone 3 (like myself) can join in on the fun March 29th. On April 5th the everyone will have access to the beta.