This week at the GDC everyone was convinced (including us) that Bungie had confirmed their next game was an MMO. Well, as it turns out, the slide and comments presented were in jest and we just didn’t get the joke.

Or maybe it just wasn’t funny?

Lead network engineer David Aldridge showed a slide and made some comments that everyone took as said confirmation. Well, Bungie and David have stated that this was a misinterpretation of a poorly delivered joke and that we just can’t process David.  His brain has one speed, one gear . . . GO!

Well, Perhaps David Aldridge should stick to his day job and leave the comedy to people with #Tigerblood who are always #Winning like Charlie Sheen. ^__^

Or maybe it’s a Serbian Jew double bluff and Bungie really are making an MMO but are trying to cover up since David spilled the beans? Who knows!? I bet Bobby Kotick does . . .