Nicely done, Crystal Dynamics.  It looks as if the Tomb Raider HD trilogy is definitely lookin’ good.  If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more Lara Croft in HD.

Check em out:

This article was sponsored by Billy Crystal Dynamics.  You look marvelous.  #Derp


  1. This looks far far far from amazing. In fact, it still looks very much like a ps2 game. I don’t care for these remakes. I bought them once, that’s enough. Uncharted is better then this now.

  2. I genuinely don’t see any improvement in these screen shots to suggest the P33 HD Trilogy is anything more than a lazy port. If for example the frames per seconds have been doubled then perhaps we could have something, until I see or read more which lends me to believe such I’m definitely going to pass on this “opportunity”.

  3. For those who can’t see any differance, I see a couple.
    – Higher resolution (it looks much less blurry)
    – Larger color palette (just look at the first picture)
    – Better Lightning (ditto)
    – Better “sight-distance” (3rd picture)
    – Higher quality textures (The bag on the last picture)

    It really looks interesting (I only owned Tomb Raider Legend on PC and it crashes on me sometimes). We still have to see it in action (for the framerate), but this looks promising.

  4. TO be fair i do see a dfference. BUT it isnt much of one. it just looks like the improved the colors and the textures, NOT worth buying if you still own /played the originals.

  5. Can see quite a difference in the textures, u gotta remember ur gonna notice the difference a lot more on a large hdtv, compared to a ps2 game running a big tv.

  6. This looks amazing, even if it isnt the best quality… what the hell do u want them to do, redo the whole bloody game!? going over everything just to make it Ps3 quality? Ridiculous. Who cares if it isnt a game just because of the quality, a game is a game.

  7. For the dumb people saying this is just a lazy port of the 360, it’s actually a PS2 port, done up with today’s technology. Considering that, I think they did a great job.