For those of you looking to get THQ and Kaos Studios upcoming alternate reality war game on the pre-owned market after launch, you might want to buy it brand new seeing how much the online pass costs.

My cousin brought around his Xbox 360 and started playing the game before hitting the ‘trial’ versions level cap of five. He then told me “This is fucking sick!” (Which it is) and went to purchase an online pass to progress past the cap. He was greeted with the below screen which I took a photo of;

In Australia 1500 Microsoft Points will set you back $24 AUD, so 4,294,967,295 Microsoft Points divided by 1,200 Microsoft Points equals 3,579,139 cards at a total cost of $85,899,345.

Now whilst this is likely a glitch, it’s still hilarious and I can’t help but think back to when Microsoft was trying to charge $1,700 for the Sgt. Johnson Halo: ODST DLC.

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  1. Maybe its because they know you are a bloody pirate. You should be banned for admitting you have the level cap. They should keep it at that price so you have to buy the game.

    • So only if you buy new games you will be able to get the full experience? I know there are pirates out there and they should punish them, but with these methods, where you have to buy for online passes, buying a used game will have at the end the same costs as buying a new game..

    • lol andy = fail what should many people do if they are unhappy with any game keep it gathering dust or sell it on its a form of recycling dumbass. should they really make enough of any game to assume EVERYONE with that console would buy it HELL NO that would be wasteful. Buying a used game DOES NOT make you pirate, its just logical as there are a plethora of games out there and should you really take a chance on all of them when two thirds of them are complete crap.

  2. I approved of Bioware’s approach with Mass Effect 2 – if you pick the game up second hand then you have to pay around $15 extra to get access to a bunch of DLC that is free to those who bought the game new. Seems reasonable to me, as they don’t make any money on preowned sales otherwise.

  3. Gentleman, I’m fairly certain this is a theft prevention method set out by EA to keep people who have the game early illegally from enjoying the game in full. I’m sure the price will be brought down to a reasonable level once the game has hit the street.

  4. This game fucking sucks, THQ cant even get the online server going, Black OPS was on the same night I picked it up, who r we fooling, this is bullshit…