Rhythm and music games are a dime-a-dozen; in fact, Activision pushed the genre so hard that it caused the demise of its once unstoppable Guitar Hero franchise.  Ubisoft is well aware of the stagnation and is taking a stab at taking music games to the next level.

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith will be the first music game that easily connects a real guitar to either your Xbox 360 or PS3. This does sound like a little bit of a rip-off of Rockband, but their are a few minor differences in this title. For instance, you must own a guitar to play this game at all, there are no cheap, plastic guitars here, and the difficulty adjusts automatically to the skill of the player requiring no guesswork by the player. It sounds like a fantastic idea,  but if the difficulty doesn’t adjust correctly, this could be just another rhythm title sitting in the bargain bin at Gamestop.

Rocksmith will feature artists from David Bowie and The Animals to artists like Nirvana and Interpol. The game is currently set to release in Fall of 2011. Check out the trailer below and find yourself a solid guitar.