Rovio marketing executive Peter Vesterbacka has said that Angry Birds has hit 100 million downloads.

Speaking at the South by Southwest conference in Texas, Vesterbacka also noted that “Tablets are killing consoles… Four generations of new tablets come before a new console, if one ever comes.”

100 million downloads is a pretty serious number, and I can only applaud the creators for doing so well with their overrated and boring game that would have looked outdated on NewGrounds 5 years ago. Just kidding! 4 years ago.

Via Joystick Division


  1. Overrated and boring…I’m so sorry there are no explosions in it. Call of Duty has their latest rehash arriving in stores soon though, so at least you have something to look forward to! I love how something in HD can look outdated. Don’t let that bitterness seep through too much! Tool.