Warner has signed a licensing agreement with Epic that will allow them to use the Unreal Engine for any games they develop until the contract expires in 2014. NetherRealm and Rocksteady Studios are apparently going to use the engine exclusively for all their games published between now and 2014.

This is a huge agreement as Warner owns several major studios that include NetherRealm Studios and Rocksteady as well a few smaller studios like TT Games, Surreal Software, WB Games Montreal, as well as the majority stake in Snowblind Studios.

We’re very excited that the talented production teams at NetherRealm and Rocksteady will continue to make Unreal Engine 3 their exclusive core technology for the next few years to create the exceptional titles they are so known for,” said Epic Games VP Mark Rein.

“We look forward to seeing how the engine will contribute to the upcoming games from these teams and potentially other Warner teams and external developers who develop or publish with Warner.”

[Source: Develop]