Meet Clement. Clement likes to make let’s play videos. Clement is also rather good at Super Meat Boy. However, when you combine Super Meat Boy with St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans… things can only go wrong.

That’s right, Clement has vowed to take a shot of whiskey every time he dies in Super Meat Boy.

Watch this series of videos in which he starts out doing rather well on World 1 but then slowly ends up on the floor in a failed attempt at gaming glory.

Oh, and if you think his friend Norm is f**king annoying… you’re not alone.


“You Jinxed Me!!”

“You fucked me over so bad…”

Norm: “Eat the bread!!” Clement: “Fuck you!! Watch me go!!”

Is anyone else seriously impressed he managed to A+ levels in World 3 while shitfaced? I am…

And of course… The Aftermath:

So there you have it. Let us all say a prayer for Clement who probably won’t make it to work today.

And let’s have a rounf of applause for his friend norm, who is f**king annoying: