As you may or may not know, RipTen is the #1 supporter of Duke Nukem Reloaded, the officially licensed Unreal 3 remake of Duke Nukem 3D.  Luckily for you, that means we get access to all the gritty details before anyone else.  We also get access to Interceptor Entertainment’s latest artwork and assets.

Speaking of which, check out these brand new, bad ass wallpapers project lead Frederik Schreiber and his team whipped up.

As many people have undoubtedly noticed, this is NOT the Duke from Duke Nukem Forever.  This is an older, darker, grittier Duke.  Personally, I like this Duke better.

Here’s what Frederik had to say about it:

Our Duke Nukem, is a different and more serious take on the character.
We see Duke Nukem as an older character. He’s scarred, he’s a bit dark, and gritty.

He has experienced a lot through his life, but when he’s needed, he’s still up to the job – He never backs down.

We compare it a bit to Stallone – Rambo from First Blood, to Barney Ross from The Expendables.

Barney Ross is still a Bad Ass, muscular, and could probably kick Rambo’s ass. But you know he’s been through a lot, and that shows.

Its important for us, that you know we aren’t trying to alienate the character from our fans. But its also important that we are doing something different. Different from Duke Nukem 3D; and also different from Duke Nukem Forever.

We are not here to compete with DNF – We are here to supplement it, with something new and fresh.

To find out more about Duke Nukem Reloaded head over to the official site and, of course, stay tuned to RipTen