Unigine’s magnificent benchmarking utility is great for testing the limits of your GPU and seeing how well it handles DX 11 and all levels of tessellation.

I cranked the settings to max and set the tessellation to ‘extreme’ to see how the GTX 590 would fare  – I was very, very impressed:

The GTX590 performed like a true beast at all levels. My average FPS went beyond expectations on all settings and as you can see I only lost about 10FPS for each level of tessellation.  Here are my actual results:

So what does this mean?  It means that the GTX 590 handles extreme levels of tessellation just like Nvidia said it would – Like a boss.

However, a benchmarking utility is not a game, and the extreme tessellation available in Heaven simply does not represent the visual level of games that are currently on the market.   However, there is one game that currently utilizes tessellation extremely well.  That game is…


  1. Great Review. Ridiculously informative. I would love to buy one but I can’t really justify the price. Probably going to go with one of the budget cards like the GTX 560 Ti.

  2. Wow, there was a lot in this review. Srsly, if I had the money to drop on one of these I would do it in a heartbeat. It seems like it’s going to be the king of cards for a while to come.

    • The 460 is a magnificent card. I highly recommend 2 460’s in SLI for great perf per watt. It’s affordable and beastly.

      • Thanks for the recommend I’m saving for it’s sister. At the mo’ I have it running with an amp 8800 doing the phys bit n Crysis looks great :p

  3. FYI: Kepler and Northern Islands which are out in a quarter or two, are skippping a whole generation (32nm) of performance! And going straight for 28nm chips!
    Expect high end single gpu to be as powerful but way more efficent. I would just wait if you already own something high end that is. The gtx 590 and 6990s are the end/last chips based on 40 nm size, so why would you purchase this when the new chips are around the corner which will cost less @ similar perfomance @ more efficiency?

  4. Farking fantastic review, has me all funny in the pants. I run dual OC’d 295’s and am getting tired of the chugging on some higher-end games. Will definitely be splurging on a pair of these motherfuckers.

  5. What do you think is better, two 590’s in quad-SLI, 4 580’s in quad-sli, or 4 6970’s in quad-sli, this question is basically for shits and giggles but if i ever come across 5k randomly i sure as hell no where a lot of its going

  6. Hello! I thinking about building a computer with:

    i5 Quad Core Processor
    4GB Ram
    GTX 560 Ti

    Would I be able to run crysis?