Join me as I go on a hotlap around Mount Panorama in the Lamboghini Interceptor, an exclusive vehicle unlock that you can access if you played Hot Pursuit prior to the launch of Shift 2.

The gameplay is fast, intense, dangerous and most of all realistic. The handling feels vastly improved over that of Shift and I’m glad to see that EA has really turned Shift 2: Unleashed into a brilliant product that’s my most awaited racing title of the last year.

If you’ve got any questions about the game let me know in the comments below or via Twitter – @DrjftGaming.


    • Yes – a save or the game in your gamerscore list will unlock it plus extra funds. And if you played the original Shift or Undercover you get more stuff.

  1. I think its pretty funny its says police on the lambo interceptor,its like taken straight from NFSHP,and im not that impressed byt shift 2 head cam so to speak,its pretty much the as the cockpit in gt5,but more blurryer.The gameplay seems nice tho.The map on the course seems pretty stupid lame drawn.the engine sounds is very nice and so is the graphic.This seems more like a wanna be sim racer.

    • Uhh, if you had of read the actual post you’d see that it is a vehicle you get if you played NFS: Hot Pursuit prior to the launch of Shift 2: Unleashed.

      The ‘Head Cam’ is excellent and delivers a high level of immersion. The blurriness is realistic and something that is placed upon you during high speed and tight turns. I’ve experienced it in cars before.

      The map and HUD is the exact same style from the first game. It’s definitely not a wannabe sim racer. It has it’s merits, as do other games.