The Nürburgring is basically the worlds greatest racing circuit. 12.93 miles of pure racing adrenaline and devestating corners await racers wise enough to face the challenge of a track that has claimed it’s fair share of vehicles and racers…

Join me as I do a ‘realistic’ hotlap of the Nürburgring during the dead of the night with all assists and HUD turned off. This is real racing.

Please excuse my driving at some points as I was hesitant to fully accelerate as the dark really eliminates a lot of your control and senses when it comes to flying along the track at high speeds.

If you’ve got any questions about Shift 2: Unleashed let me know in the comments below or via Twitter – @DrjftGaming.


  1. Looks great! How do you like the game and overall experience, especially compared to GT5?
    I’m not sure if I should rush and get it tomorrow.

    • I’d recommend purchasing it however I only ever played a small amount of GT5.

      Like I say about conflicting games in genres they both have their own merits and they’re both definitely high quality and enjoyable titles.


      • Well, I have GT5, played it almost all the way through, but imo it’s not that good of a game!

        I stopped playing it, I’m not even gonna bother driving a freaking Mazda Miata for several hours!
        5 years of development, to give me the “perfect” experience!?

        You can’t influence your starting position, you either drive way ahead or follow the crowd or like you say, you can compete with a watered down car or I think 2-3 races are actually interesting and hard, where you can win, by skills and concentration and not having the better car.

        Also, most races (unless endurance) have no tire wear, no gas get’s burned.
        Pit stops are just weird!?
        Look at F1 2010 and do at pit stop there, that is a pit stop expierence, where you see the crew waiting and working.
        In GT5, in cockpit view pitstop…

        Then 1000 cars….., very few are premium and I don’t care about probably 950 of them.
        Do I really wanna race a Prius? A VW Kuebelwagen? A Fiat 500? list is endless….

        There’s nothing to win, other than experience and cars that are mostly lame.
        In only some races you actually win a nice car that not only helps you to win other races or one that you need to win other races.

        You also loose the paint once you spray the car, so you can’t preview the car, what it looks like in a certain color. Yeah, I can turn off the ps3 and not let it save, then boot again!

        If I wanna tune a car to the max, I have to do it manually every time over and over again…..where’s the “full tune up” button?

        I’m actually thinking about trading it in, I hope Shift 2 will live up to it’s claims of their developers, this is my only hope, if all else fails, there’s always F1 2010 and 2011 coming, hopefully with the fabulous helmet cam from the PC version.

        So, if Shift 2 is more of a simulator and has little to do with the original NFS series and is really kicking GT5 and Forza3 of it’s throne, I think I might rush and get it, that’s why i asked.
        No official reviews out yet or anybody I know who owns the game, so I was surprised to find you through google news.

        • Shift 2 does live up to the hype and promotion that the developers made it out to be.

          I wouldn’t say Shift 2 is the ‘ultimate’ simulator and it might not kick GT5 and Forza 3 off their racing thrones however it’s my favorite racing title right now and it will be until the next one releases.

          • Well if it’s living up to it’s hype and claims,
            then it sure will blow gt5 out of the water.
            Again, GT5 is really not that great or let’s say after 5-6 years in development, it doesn’t live up to it.
            Thanks for the quick replies.
            I might just hit the store tomorrow and grab it!

          • No worries at all I hope I’ve been of help to you and if you get the game I’m sure you will definitely enjoy it :)

  2. Is this some sort of joke. This looks terrible and the headlight beams dont appear to be projecting in proper real time. The light seems drawn in as opposed to actually being reflected off the beams and as such creates an ugly “draw distance” LOD effect. Notice how little light is reflected off everything else. everything is either completely lit or completely dark

  3. How much of a sim do you think this game is? Im a GT5 fanatic. I like both ends aka motorstorm and GT5. However if your going to do be one or the other you better be dam good at it.

    What worried me out of what I saw is when your on the grass and you were going at least 100+MPH and you hit the brakes. The problem is nothing happened. You stopped like you were on pavement. Thats really bothersome to a guy like me. Also the amount of traction you seem to have while cornering and steering at the same time is also concerning.

    Is this game going for the sim or arcade feel? I DO love the head cam approach and the crashes seem to be good. The sense of speed seems right. Would it kill for a game to come out where your racing team actually called out you the the telemetry from you car? Aka you got a right tire puncture, or your braking too late from when you let off the gas.

    Im going to check this game out though, still looks like a good game.

  4. If it’s an evolution of Shift I would expect it to still be very much an arcade racing experience. The devs have always stated they’re trying to recreate the feeling of driving a race-car… which is found in all the little effects; colour-bleed, helmet wobble, crash distortion and etcetera. I’m an iRacer so I’m very interested in sim-racing, but I also love my arcade racers too and NFS HP and Shift are two of the greatest.

    I guess what I’m saying is, no matter how much you love sim-racing, if you like arcade racing at all you’ll love Shift 2 for what it is. If you’re a four to the floor hardcore sim-racer and think that Burnout Paradise is a kids game, you’ll hate Shift 2.

    I cannot wait for my copy!

  5. the graphic on the course is pretty nice,its some different from GT5.But I really dont like the night races since you cant enjoy the surroundings.Im not that impressed by the head cam,its nice to have it,but the only things thatts nice is that you can watch behind you like its in GT5.
    the whole cockipt in your video is black,which are ok since its night,but they could have added lights on the cockpit so you can actually see the insruments,and cant even see how fast you are driving,neither cant I see the map of the course.
    I know its alot of negative,but its how I think of it,It will probably change I play Shift 2 and come to like it. But as I see it on this video and others I cant say its giving me “This is the REAL racing simulator thingy”.
    but its a nice option to GT5 for me atleast and the 5years of of the development of GT5 you can see straight away with the whole content.the tuning options are really nice,and that a full tuning option is missing that is noob friendly so to speak.

    • First off real quick, learn the difference between ‘newb’ and ‘noob’.

      Secondly; the interior of the vehicles aren’t all pitch black like that, and you can’t see the speedo in any of the vehicles when you hit a certain speed.

      There’s no course map because I don’t play with it and I turned the whole HUD off.