Huzzah!!  A single player demo for Portal 2 is finally upon us.  Better yet, it’s a full three weeks before release!!

This demo contains the entire intro and first four test chambers.  I’ve already had the chance to play this small bit of the game (‘cuz I’m press and stuff) but now you can too!!

What are you waiting for!?  Go download it… for science!!





  1. Modern videogame writing has a long history of baiting readers with lame articles, especially on April 1, wasting everyone’s time and bandwidth. Your posts does not deviate from that trend. Additionally, you posted before April 1.

    Please try harder next year!

    • Thanks for the feedback. However, this “demo” was out on file planet hours and hours ago. We simply posted a link to it here. I haven’t had the chance to download it yet but I hear it’s awesome. Have a great day ^__^

      • Oh, you.

        I think it’s time to stop giving you ad hits, Dave. Have a nice life!

        P.S. Force commenters to register in the future to lessen the need for comment moderation and increase ad revenue!

        • Yeah, we’re workin’ on it. New site is in the works with all sorts of cool features. ^__^ We’d been using the Disqus wordpress addon recently but had some issues importing all the awesome comments from back in the 2006-2008 days. Thanks for the tip however, always looking to fill my pockets with more Jew gold. \m/_((><)) Also, if you really hated this story you'd take it up with IGN, it was their idea and it even fooled me at first - hence why I posted it here. Just spreading the love. I'll get you back to RipTen... mark my words!!!! <3