Wow, my PC gamer nostalgia meter just went to 11.  3DFX and VooDoo are back, and with them is a beast of a GPU ready to hit the market.

According to Nvidia:

“It was never our intention to just give up,” says Gary Tarolli, former Chief Scientist of 3dfx, now at NVIDIA. “Voodoo technology had immense potential. The world never really got to see what it was capable of.”

While the most powerful graphics cards today use at most two GPUs on a single board (like the GeForce GTX590), the Voodoo 590 uses a mind boggling two hundred and thirty-three VSA-100 chips. It performs 3dfx’ patented single-pass, single-cycle multitexturing. It features the much lauded T-buffer cinematic technology.  And of course, it supports Glide.


“The VSA-100 chip was designed first and foremost for scalability”

Says Tony Tamasi, former Director of Product Marketing at 3dfx, now at NVIDIA.

“The idea was we’d built one simple, scalable chip, and scale the whole product line from there. We sort of did that with Voodoo 4 and Voodoo 5, but the Voodoo 590 really takes that to a whole different level.”

The VooDoo 590 can even run Epic Games next gen tech demo at 60FPS all by itself. They needed 3 GTX 580’s to run it at the GDC!!

Why did they do it after all these years?

“We did this for our fans.  Even today, people speak of 3dfx with the fondest memories. People still send me emails with pictures of their Voodoo board collections. It’s very touching.”

“This is a one of a kind product. It’s got 233 chips. It’s got over 7 gigs of memory. The competition has nothing like it”

RipTen has obviously put in for a review sample of the Voodoo 590, but seeing as the production will be very limited, we’re holding our breath.

Pricing is still TBD.

Check out the full press release from Nvidia HERE and our review of the Nvidia GeForce GTX590 HERE