Xbox LIVE is made up of some pretty amazing and awesome personalities, Stephen ‘Stepto’ Toulouse being one of them.

It would appear however that the Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE doesn’t have as much control and power over the infamous ban-hammer as he would like.

Through a series of unforseen events, his personal blog  ‘’ and also his Xbox LIVE  account “Stepto”, were infiltrated and taken over by a hacker some time today.Stephen commented on the matter earlier via Twitter;

He seems to be rectifying the issue with the help of Network Solutions however, updating people on the status with his latest Twitter update;

Until control of Stepto’s website has been fixed he’s asking people not to send personal emails to his webserver as they’re no longer private.

Update #1:

Said hacker has now uploaded a video to YouTube of Stepto’s Xbox LIVE Account being hacked with social engineering. See for yourself:

He says this is payback for Stepto console banning him 35 times.  Apparently no one, not even Stepto, is safe from The Predator.

Update #2:

It seems that  Stepto has regained full control of his blog and Xbox LIVE Account.


Stay tuned to RipTen as this story continues to unfold



  1. This hacker guy is an absolute dick. Also who the hell gets banned 35 times?!! By the way thanks Stepto for keeping XBL as clean as you have.