The official launch date for the Pokémon Black and White Global Link has been announced.  Pokémon fans will be able to use the new online service in their Black and White games starting April 13th, 2011.  The Pokémon Global Link was originally set to be released on March 30th, 2011, but was delayed due to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The Global Link launch date was initially revealed on Poké, but the story has since been removed from the official site.  The story on Poké read as follows:

Visit the Pokémon Dream World, track your stats in the Global Battle Union, and much more, starting April 13!

The Pokémon Global Link is a new online service for Pokémon fans around the world! Starting April 13, you’ll be able to connect your copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version to the Pokémon Global Link for lots of fun activities.

Tuck in a Pokémon in your game and it will appear in the Pokémon Dream World, where you can befriend Pokémon, grow Berries, and collect items—and bring them all back to your game! Then check out the Global Battle Union, the best place to keep track of your online battle stats.

The Pokémon Global Link is completely free! All you’ll need is a Pokémon Trainer Club account that you can get right now at

Check out for more details as the April 13 launch of the Pokémon Global Link approaches!

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  1. source please can’t seem to find any evidence of your statement except on this website. I know you state it was taken down off the Pokemon website so wouldn’t that mean don’t expect it to arrive April 13. They are probably launching on a different date. Also the website would’ve been updated with the proper date and still says coming this spring that could be weeks from now just a little food for thought.