For years now, Chuck Bittner, a quadriplegic gamer a.k.a AskACapper has had a petition to bring custom button remapping to console games.  A feature which PC gamers have enjoyed for years and a feature that would make the lives of people like Chuck and other handicapped gamers the world over – much easier.  His petition (which now has over 50,000 signatures) has gotten the attention of media outlets and game developers alike – yet still very few, if any, console games ship with the ability to remap your controls.

However, one game is about to change all that, and that game is Brink.  Developed by Splash Damage and published by Bethesda Softworks, Brink will ship with the ability to remap all of your controls across all three platforms.

The last time I got hands on with Brink and found out that it had custom button remapping, I immediately thought of Chuck and made it the focal point of my first interview with Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood.

When Chuck saw my interview, he was ecstatic.  A true AAA console multiplayer FPS with custom button remapping!? It was about damn time.

Soon after, I learned that both Chuck and Splash Damage were going to be at PAX East 2011.  I knew that I had to bring them together so that Chuck could have the opportunity to thank Splash Damage for their dedication to customizable gaming, and so Splash Damage could see first hand the difference they were making in Chuck’s life and the lives of handicapped gamers the world over.

You’ll have to listen carefully, it was rather loud at PAX that day:

As you saw in the interview, it never even occurred to Splash Damage not to have custom button remapping in a game like Brink.  It’s something PC gamers like them have been able to do since “forever” and they don’t understand why you wouldn’t do it.  Not only that, they soon realized that remapping is really important to a lot of people – even though it didn’t ever seem like a big deal to the team during development.  To them, it came as second nature.

So, just as Chuck praised Paul, Ed and the rest of Splash Damage for putting custom button remapping in Brink, they in turn praised Chuck for bringing awareness to the gaming community.

“You have made the games industry better”  Ed said to Chuck.  I wish you could see the smile that brought to both his and my face.

If you take away anything from this interview, let is be this:

Games can make a difference in people’s lives and gamers can change the way that games are made in order to make their lives better.

To learn more about Chuck visit his website and follow him on Twitter @AskACapper

For more on Brink go to the official website

Also, be sure to sign the custom button remapping petition HERE


  1. It’s great to see developers really listening to player feedback, especially when they’ve got an idea that could change the entire face of gaming. Awesome interview! I’m glad Chuck finally got a chance to talk with the guys from Splash Damage.

  2. I’ve asked the question for years on why consoles games can’t remap controls. Splash Damage did a phenomenal job on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It is PC gaming perfected, great UI, controls, and settings customization. It’s good to see that Askacapper is bringing awareness to this sort of thing.

    I have a friend in my old UT2004 clan, who is missing half of his hand due to a grenade. When he played, he couldn’t dodge or jump around that much until he got a mouse with more buttons. I can’t imagine being a console gamer and trying to play the latest titles with lame or un-customizable controls.

    • Since I’m such a PC gamer, I honestly didn’t even know most console games didn’t let you remap your controls until I heard about Chuck and his petition!!

      Here’s to hoping more developers follow Splash Damage’s lead and spend the time and money to include custom remapping in their games.

        • Well, if you check out my previous interview, the is issue is you have to remake all the individual artwork for the buttons on each console for when prompts appear on screen. That requires a shitload of time and testing to implement. Most developers likely don’t think it’s worth the effort.

          The exception is a game like GT5. If GT5 didnt gave remapping I think some PS3 owners might commit Seppuku.