About a week ago, we let a story slip through the cracks about a Streets of Rage Remake that was made by someone other than Sega. Yeah, yeah I know we dropped the ball on that one, but we were dealing with some serious business, and by that I mean we were probably playing Crysis or something.

Either way, let me bring you up to speed on the whole saga. A small independent game company, or rather a conglomerate of Streets of Rage fans, teamed up to start an ambitious “Streets of Rage Remake” project. The game, which took an astounding eight years to make, has been shut down by the Sega legal team. This in turn has shut down the development team known collectively as Bombergames.

The remade version features over 100 different levels, branching storylines, and a plethora of powerups and weapons to satiate even the most hardcore beat-em up fan. It is likely that Sega doesn’t want somebody to make a game better than the $5 version they are currently peddling to every platform possible (coming soon to your microwave and toaster) and they especially do not want it to be free. So there you have it, shut down by the man.

If you’re looking for the title I can’t help you (but Google can). For the record, it’s a fantastic title and it is a shame that eight years of work was undone this way.