The PS3 gets another top shooter with the return of a celebrated series with SOCOM 4.  Use this guide to achieve the coveted Platinum trophy!

Bronze (35)

  • Elite Ops (Bronze) – Complete a Story Campaign mission on Elite difficulty.
  • N00b (Bronze) – Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game.
  • Good Game (Bronze) – Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game of every gametype.
  • Combined Assault (Bronze) – Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Co-Op.
  • Extra Credit (Bronze) – Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Single Player.
  • Government Spending (Bronze) – Call in a total of 10 Strikes during your career.
  • Death From Above (Bronze) – Eliminate 5 enemies with a single Strike.
  • Repo Man (Bronze) – Destroy a total of 50 vehicles during your career.
  • Grenadier (Bronze) – Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with explosives during your career.
  • Crowd Control (Bronze) – Eliminate 3 enemies with a single explosive.
  • Century Slayer (Bronze) – Eliminate a total of 100 enemies during your career.
  • Melon Hunter (Bronze) – Eliminate a total of 100 enemies with a headshot during your career.
  • Hat Trick (Bronze) – Eliminate 3 enemies in a row with headshots.
  • Unseen Strike (Bronze) – Stealth kill a total of 10 enemies in a single mission.
  • Vorpal (Bronze) – Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with melee attacks during your career.
  • Combat Medic (Bronze) – Execute a total of 25 teammate revives during your career.
  • Armed to the Teeth (Bronze) – Unlock all weapons for use in Campaign mode.
  • I Call Her Vera (Bronze) – Master a weapon in any mode.
  • Oracle (Bronze) – Collect an intel item in a Story Campaign mission.
  • Field Promotion (Bronze) – ‘First Strike’ – Complete your first mission as Ops Commander.
  • Rendezvous (Bronze) – ‘Rendezvous’ – Rescue the surviving allies at the NATO rally point.
  • Beowulf (Bronze) – ‘Leviathan’ – Destroy the enemy stealth frigate to ensure the safety of the remaining NATO fleet.
  • Whatever It Takes (Bronze) – ‘Fluid Dynamics’ – Stop the Naga forces from reaching the capital by whatever means necessary.
  • Trial By Fire (Bronze) – ‘Means to an End’ – Confront Razad and expose Naga’s partnership with ClawHammer.
  • Allegiance Exposed (Bronze) – ‘Revelation’ – Expose Gorman’s treachery and determine his true allegiance.
  • Eye In the Sky (Bronze) – ‘Uninvited Guest’ – Secure the intel that reveals ClawHammer’s true objective in the region.
  • Passing the Torch (Bronze) – ‘Countdown’ – Stop ClawHammer’s missile launch and promote Forty-Five to Ops Commander.
  • Peace Keeper (Bronze) – ‘Animus’ – Complete the Story Campaign by choosing to bring Gorman to justice.
  • Executioner (Bronze) – ‘Animus’ – Complete the Story Campaign by choosing to take Gorman’s life.
  • Double Down (Bronze) – Eliminate 2 chickens with a single explosive.
  • 10-Piece Meal (Bronze) – Eliminate a total of 10 chickens during your career.
  • The Blood Orange (Bronze) – Find and collect a Tarocco.
  • Destroy Razard’s Car (Bronze) – Destroy Razad’s Car.
  • Destroy Gorman’s Car (Bronze) – Destroy Gorman’s Car.

Silver (6)

  • Covert Ops (Silver) – As Forty-Five, successfully maintain stealth in a Story Campaign mission.
  • Over-Achiever (Silver) – Complete a Custom Campaign mission on every map in either Single Player or Co-Op.
  • Millennial Slayer (Silver) – Eliminate a total of 1000 enemies during your career.
  • Expert Tactician (Silver) – Complete a Story Campaign mission using only teammates to eliminate enemies.
  • Information Warfare (Silver) – Collect all Intel in the Story Campaign.
  • The Sweetest, Darkest Juice Is At Its Core (Silver) – Find and collect the Tarocco in each Story Campaign mission.

Gold (4)

  • Best of the Best (Gold) – Complete the Story Campaign on Elite difficulty.
  • Above and Beyond (Gold) – Complete a total of 100 objectives during your career.
  • Shiny! (Gold) – Master a weapon of each class in any mode.
  • The Elite 45th (Gold) – As Forty-Five, stealth kill a total of 45 enemies in the Story Campaign.

Platinum (1)

  • All Is Said, All Is Done (Platinum) – Obtain all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies in SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.