All rumors can be put to rest.  Nintendo has confirmed that their next console is coming and we’ll get to see it at E3 2011!

Earlier today, some images revealing Project Cafe’s existence had just been discovered on  For those that don’t know, is Nintendo’s Software Development Support Group website for third party developers.

The first image seemed to be just a cup of coffee that had the text “Cafe” next to it.  Strangely enough however, the cream in this cup seems to be in the shape of some sort of rabbit.  The second image is a banner that reads “Cafe Advance Support” and features Wario (the site mascot).

What could all this mean?  I have a feeling eager Nintendo fans like myself will have to wait until E3 2011 to find out since Nintendo just released a statement alongside their fiscal reports saying that a new console is indeed coming in 2012!

I think it’s safe to say that I can’t wait til June 7th to find out what is and isn’t true about the successor to the Wii.

Stay tuned for RipTen’s live coverage of E3 2011, Project Cafe and all things Nintendo.

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  1. I’m excited and filled with dread – excited because having Xbox360+ graphics sounds pretty cool if it’s backwards compatible, and it hopefully means I’ll be able to look forward to price cuts on other consoles like the PS3. Dreading the possible price of this thing though! It could be relatively cheap given how consoles are now somewhat outdated despite how amazing they still are, but those controllers do sound like they’d be expensive if they really do have HD touchscreens and the like.