If your hang-ups about paying for sprite-based MMO’s stopped you from enjoying the power and glory of Gravity’s Ragnarok Online, then you need to stop what you’re doing and register for an account right now – this business just went free to play.

It’s Korean. It’s cute. Its colors might induce seizures, but its worth every epileptic moment. RO (the first one, not RO2. Apparently, that one just… sucks) has done away with the monthly subscription formula and has instead opted for an extended service not unlike Lord of the Rings Online (which did wonders for its vitality). New players may choose a free server in which they may experience the full game with minor increases in item and teleportation services costs. However, Gravity has decided to tangle a tantalizing alternative option called “VIP,” where those who wish to pay a small fee may create characters on servers with accelerated experience and drops rates along with more reasonable service prices.

Former players might find themselves lured out of retirement as Gravity offers veterans a free three-day trial of this new VIP realm.

Since RO’s client release several years back, most fans have already found homes on private servers scattered across the internet (RebirthRO, DreamerRO, etc.) Having experienced the subscription service and the homebrew, there’s just no comparison: you’ve got to play the real thing, otherwise you might as well go stick your head in the oven. It’s about as effective as playing WTFRO


  1. Finally started playing ro since i was like 11 but stoped after a few months was just thinking of going back few days before :D