Just to make it clear tonight, the final question asked at the PSN press conference dealt directly with the subject of Anonymous.

A Japanese reporter asked what involvement, if any, this infamous group had with the latest PSN intrusions.

Kaz Hirai, Sony’s EDP and Ridge Racer‘s #1 fan responded stating that Anonymous has not been implicated in any way with the current attacks.

Anonymous themselves (whoever they are) have also denied any involvement in the recent attacks.  Does this rule them out completely?  Of course not, but it’s safe to say someone else was likely responsible.

Sony is currently working with the FBI and Department of Homeland security to find out who is responsible for the intrusion, but so far they have no reason to implicate Anonymous.

Stay tuned to RipTen as our coverage of PSNightmare 2011 continues, or until we get tired of reporting on this nonsense…


  1. “During this QnA, mentions HAVE been made to Anonymous, but it wasn’t intended that they be implicated with the LATEST intrustion. In the background of what’s happened recently, I refer to what’s happened in the last few months, not to imply that they directly or indirectly relate to the current situation. Only to provide a backgorund to the current situation.”

  2. ” private investigators called in to examine the break-in had discovered a file entitled “Anonymous” and containing the words “We are Legion” – part of Anonymous’s slogan.”

    Looks like they were involved from what that statement said. Lets face it Anonymous has NO leader, so they can’t say it wasn’t them now this file had been found.