High Voltage Software has just released a sequel to The Conduit, simply titled Conduit 2. In 2009, The Conduit impressed many hardcore Wii-gamers with its gameplay and especially its extensive online mode (which is not seen in many Wii games.) Two years later, High Voltage has released a game that has taken all of the feedback from the first title and created a sequel that aims to outshine its predecessor. Everything is ramped up to the next level and , in my opinion, the best and most advanced shooter the Wii has to offer.  That being said, the Wii is seriously holding this game back.

High Voltage takes the Conduit franchise very seriously. After talking with these guys, I can tell tons of love and labor have been put into this game and it shows.  Not only did High Voltage work very hard to make sure the game looked as best as it could on the Wii, but new voice actors have been hired to add to it’s production quality.  As soon as I started playing and the main character, Michael Ford, started speaking, I noticed a very familiar voice… Jon St. John of Duke Nukem fame (and tons of other games!) The first game’s dialogue was very serious and story-driving but it feels Conduit 2 has been taken in more of a light-hearted, humorous way. The story is still serious, but Ford almost feels Duke-inspired and has Duke Nukem style one-liners throughout the story.  Ford seems to be very confident in his ability to stop an alien invasion single handedly.

The game’s art style is very nostalgic for me. If that sounds like a negative, it definitely isn’t. The visuals took me to times when I was obsessed with Perfect Dark, Timesplitters and Metroid Prime. Even some of the weapons look/function in the same way as these games. When speaking with High Voltage, I was told these games (and more) were specific inspirations for the development of the franchise.

Since the game is on the Wii, I’m sure everyone’s main concern is what the graphics look like. I played on my Wii with Component cables, which let me play in 480p versus the standard 480i. The game looks great for being a Wii title. If I were to compare it to top-shelf games on the other two consoles, of course Conduit 2 doesn’t hold a candle to them, but I can enjoy the graphics for what they are. Since I do not consider myself a Wii-gamer, I found myself looking at textures and moving closer to walls to see detail. High Voltage has done a very great job at hiding a lot of the Wii’s limitations and have made some smart decisions in the art department.

Conduit 2’s single player campaign takes place seconds after the first game ended. After stepping into the conduit from the first game, Secret Agent Michael Ford finds himself teleported to an oil rig off the coast of Florida. Without spoiling the full story, you can expect Ford to be transported through many different places and environments in the game. The single condensed area of Washington D.C. has now been fleshed out and Ford will find himself navigating through plenty of different looking areas. One minute you’re in a space ship, next your in Washington D.C., and further down the line you are in South America. It’s a really nice change of pace and keeps the game looking fresh, which isn’t something we see in many games today.