Multiplayer has plenty of game modes. On top of what you’d expect (Slayer, Capture the Flag, etc.) there are a few other fun ones such as Invasion. Invasion works sort of like Halo: Reach’s Firefight. Up to four players can take on hordes of enemies until you meet your doom. My favorite multiplayer mode is Power Surge. Each team starts with a generator with a shield on top of it. A timer brings down one side’s shield, so that the opposite team goes on the offensive. This forces your team to be on defensive until their shield goes down and then it is your turn to mess up their generator. Communication is key and Conduit 2 just happens to support the Wii Headset (Headbanger) that can also be used in Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii.

The multiplayer takes many ideas from the Call of Duty series (what game doesn’t these days?!) but manages to make everything work well. Nothing feels tacked on just to compete with CoD. You can revive teammates, get medals for certain actions and unlock achievements. There is even a medal for teabagging an enemy on the ground before his teammate can revive him. The game just has an overall less serious feeling about it and brings back some great nostalgic memories from my Goldeneye/Perfect Dark phase. Unfortunately, this nostalgic experience was quite a novelty for me and wore off pretty fast. I found myself liking the single player a little more, but I am also not the biggest online fan. I’m a sucker for a more personal experience.

Overall, High Voltage Software has made quite an impressive game on the Wii. Without being rude, I’d like to be honest. If this exact game were on other consoles, it would be overshadowed. While I had fun with Conduit 2, I always felt disconnected with it. This is not the fault of HVS or the game, but the limitation of the Wii’s technology. I can deal with the graphics, but the motion control and terrible layout of the Classic Controller held me back from having a great time. At times, I felt like I was playing a game on the Nintendo 64. High Voltage is trying to create a “hardcore audience” game on a machine that is holding it back. I would love to see what these guys can do on a more powerful console. If you are a Wii-gamer, I somehow doubt that you are a hardcore shooter fan, but maybe this game is for you. Conduit 2 has tons of potential and is a really good game for the platform it is on. If this game peaks your interest at all, make sure to check it out and give it a chance.

Here’s The Rundown:

+ A hardcore shooter to the Wii with full control customization
+ Excellent amount of weapons that work perfectly
+ Awesome, very expansive multiplayer

– Using a Wii remote
– Hard to compare against modern-day shooters on up-to-date consoles


Conduit 2 was developed by High Voltage Software and published by SEGA.  It was released for Nintendo Wii on April 19th, 2011 in the good ole US of A.  The copy used for review was provided for review purposes by SEGA. Campaign was played until completion, taking around 5.5 hours to finish. Multiplayer was played for about 4 hours online and offline.