It’s amazing what a talented team of indie game devs with an Unreal 3 license can do.  If you don’t already know about Hawken, then let this be your wakeup call.  This upcoming Mech FPS has garnered an immense swell of viral buzz due to the fact that, well… it just looks so fucking awesome.  Check out the now infamous gameplay video first:

Yeah, it’s sexy.

However, just yesterday over at G4, the Hawken devs from Adhesive Games sat down with Xplay to share a bit more about their game, and show off some more gameplay.  Enjoy:

It’s safe to say that we’re hype for Hawken, and you should be too. There hasn’t been a game like this in quite some time and it’s got my MechWarrior fan-o-mometer cruisin’ past 11 with both boosters on.

Stay tuned to RipTen for continued coverage of Hawken, and make sure to tune into Xplay because Adam Sessler is one cool dude and Morgan Webb is fucking gorgeous.