Just over a week ago RipTen reported on a supposed rumor that Valve was parting ways with singleplayer gaming elements after the release of Portal 2.

Well, During a recent interview, Gabe Newell spoke out on the rumor saying:

“I think what we’re trying to talk about is the fact that, not that we’re not doing single player games. Portal 2 was a pretty good example of what we’ve learned over the years in terms of how to create those experiences. It’s more that we think we have to work harder in the future, that entertainment is inherently increased in value by having it be social, by letting you play with your friends, by recognizing that you’re connected with other people.”

That wasn’t the end however, with Valve’s big boss and pioneer of numerous well known titles continuing with:

“That’s the thing that we’re trying to say, is that, single player is great but we also have to recognize that you have friends, and we wanna have that connected as well. So, it’s not about giving up on single player at all, it’s like saying, we actually think that there’s a bunch of features and capabilities that we need to add into our single player games to recognize the socially connected gamer.”

Sounds to me like Valve is truly intent on pioneering the mainstream AAA social gaming experience.

Good on ya Gaben.

Sure, games like Farmville or Zynga Poker allow you to chat with your friends, but how many allow you to trap your friends in an infinite portal loop whilst you brag to them via text and voice messaging?