A teaser in the back of the July issue of the Official Playstation Magazine has hinted at A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game.

“The biggest game in the world returns,” the teaser teases teasingly. From the font of the “3” and basic common sense it’s clear this is a reference to Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare franchise.

Look forward to more info, perhaps an announcement from Activision, in the near future.



  1. To the people above. I’m pretty sure BF has never been, and never will be, the biggest game in the world. MW has sold over 20 million copies compared to BFBC2 mere 2.2 million copies.

  2. Infamous Modern Warfare green font…
    The number looks like it’s the same font as the one used for the “2” in MW2.
    This DEFINITELY is not a Battlefield advertisement.