As you may know if you follow me around the Twitterverse, CDProjekt has been nice enough to provide me with a preview build of the Witcher 2 to mess around with. Better yet, they’ve said it’s a-ok to post as many screens as I like.

Just a few weeks ago, I posted 125 screenshots from the entire Prologue of The Witcher 2, (which I highly suggest you check out first) but that was only the beginning.

So, once again, with my visual settings on “Ultra” (“Uber” if you’ve got the EU version) and FRAPS by my side, I set forth to conquer the next section of The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings.

It was not recommended that I do so, as in fact, keeping the game on “Ultra” makes for some hilarious visual bugs in this preview build.  However, if I play any game on anything less than ‘maximum’ settings, my PC and the three Nvidia GPUs contained within literally spit at me via my blu-ray drive. But I digress…

"Y U NO Play On Max Settings!?"

The stats on that glowing blue monstrosity above are as follows:

– Asus P6T Motherboard

– Intel Core i7 CPU 975@3.33GHz

– 12GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 Ram

– Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 / Nvidia GeForce GTX560ti (PhysX)

-1250w CoolerMaster PSU

– Asus VG236 23″ HD Monitor (3D Enabled)

– Windows 7 x64

These NEW screens cover the entirety of Chapter One of The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings.  The story begins to branch quite dramatically by the end of this chapter, and in fact, I had to replay the end of it several times to take screens of different events that I’d not have seen otherwise. I’ve been strictly told not to spoil anything for you, and since I’m such a nice guy and a roleplayer at heart, I won’t.

I’ve also been told I can’t post any video yet, although I’ve already recorded almost 1TB worth. Yet, as soon as I edit it all and get it approved by CDProjekt, you’ll be the first to know. I do love you guys after all.

Due to the non linear nature of this game, for all I know, you may never see some of the images I’m about to present you with. The game can branch in so many different directions that there are literally entire towns and cutscenes (and even love scenes) you may never, ever encounter. I’ve played through the prologue of AoK twice already, and chapter one roughly 1.5 times.  Upon making different decisions, I attained different results.

Choice and consequence, don’t you love it?

Yet once again, I digress. You came here for screens, yes? Not to read as I blabber about my L337 PC and “What can change the nature of a man?”

So, here you go:

Due to popular demand, images are now in .PNG format. Take my bandwidth you sons of bitches!!

(I apologize for our archaic gallery system, the new RipTen will have a much better one ^__^ )

We really do need a better gallery system…

Stay tuned for my continued coverage of The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings!!


    • Those lines are only present at certain times on “ultra” quality. They are still tweaking the ultra settings. I’m 97% sure that there will be no issues with the final build.

    • It’s all IN ENGINE and IN GAME. It’s also only Direct X 9.

      Did I mention there’s also no load times? ^__^

      • Great. Can you actually throw a bomb through a window? It was mentioned in one of trailers. Does the game look like GOTY to you ? :)

        • Depends, most buildings have to be “entered” thrown weapons and items put you into slo-mo bullet time mode. It’s a pretty sweet new feature. It’s also a bit OP.

          As far as GOTY it’s hard to say. As far as RPG’s go, it’s definitely got the best narrative and pacing thus far. Easily beats out Two Worlds II and Dragon Age II. Only time will tell, but it will certainly be a contender for many things.

  1. How are the animations, from fighting to minigames to cutscenes? Obviously can’t tell from screenshots and there’s been a minimal amount of video allowed.

    • Amazing and fluid. I’m currently editing video that hopefully will get approved for publishing by CDProjekt so I can show it off ^__^

      • In TW1 there were a very small number of weapons/armors while there was a lot of useless stuff like chicken and hundreds of different alchoholic bevs. How are the items in TW2 compared to TW1?

        • That set of armor you see me wearing is the third I had on. There are a ton more weapons and items this time around and you can craft even more. Also, armor will now show on Geralt: So, if you change your boots, gloves, etc, he will appear differently.

          It’s a giant leap forward in terms of customization from the first game.

    • I have much FPS! I was getting around 45-55 but the game is not yet optimized for “Ultra” settings, so it’s hard to say what I will get in the final build.

  2. Guys does the PC version support Xbox360 controller ?

    from what you played is it better than the first one
    thank you

      • I am preordering now from steam ,I got the first game(Enhanced Edition)but I didn’t play it ,somebody lied to me and said it support Xbox360 controller and it did not ,I am a guy who love playing on PC but I cant use a mouse and keybored ,I have X360 and Ps3 but I prefer PC

  3. Another question. Seeing as you’ve played through the preview a few times, how much better are the cutscenes and production value compared to TW1?


  5. Did you hear about the details of ubersampling?

    “The whole scene is rendered multiple times to give best possible texture and object details and antialiasing (better than antialias and anisotropy even on highest settings).”

    Apparently only the 590 and 6990 are suppose to be capable of running it. Can’t wait for shots of that.

      •  Probably nobody will read this (after 2 months) but in what resolution/aspect ratio was the preview version played? I’m asking, because screenshots here (e.g. bathing with Triss scene – lol) seem to have more field of view compared to the final game. And there are quite a few parts in the game when it’s obvious that FOV is reduced (“scalped” heads, for instance).

  6. just a question, with your set up, do your shadows seem a bit off? i have all graphics on full, besides uber sampling, and 1440 x 900 (highest my little 19 inch monitor can push out) and the shadow edges seem like they have been, i dont know brushed on with a paint brush. its hard to explain, they kind of seem a bit fuzzy? i dont remember it being like that when i first started playing it, though it may have. im just not sure if its just me and i need to maybe re-install or if its supposed to be like that.