Codemasters have released a new trailer for DiRT 3, showing off Ken Block and Tanner Foust’s Gymkhana driving (it’s not as impressive when it’s done in a game, however).

The trailer is certainly an odd one. There’s no music, for one thing, which gives it a bit of an eerie feel- and this effect is doubled by the copious amounts of slow-mo in the “exciting” bits. There’s also the fact that we’re seeing Ken Block driving around without his stupid whiny voice telling us over the in-game radio about how cool and rad things are. At least it’s an improvement over DiRT 2…

An interesting thing to note as well is that the trailer has a sponsor. Is this something we’re going to see a lot of in future? Products being sold to us during other adverts? Imagine seeing an ad come on TV that was sponsored by McDonalds.