Once you complete the “main” chapters as Meat Boy in Super Meat Boy, you will get the chance to play some of the most ridiculously hard levels playable as Bandage Girl. This chapter is not for the faint of heart (or gamers with bad tempers!) There is a level called “Four letter word” that I must have played 1,000 times before clearing. I also probably said “fuck” over 4,000 times. To make things worse, the PC version has an achievement for clearing this chapter without dying!

So now that you understand the setup, let me enlighten you with a video of a god amongst men. Someone has managed to obtain this achievement, that only a mere 0.1% of Super Meat Boy players have managed to obtain. My Internet hat goes off to you, sir.

Source: PC Gamer


  1. Pfft, I did that the other day 1 handed while playing zombies on call of duty, I had it recorded then my hard drive crashed! ;)