As someone who doesn’t give a Ryu’s ass about fighting games, this picture doesn’t do much for me. However, I can appreciate its artistic merit, and I understand that you people might get a kick out of it. On a side note, I do like Mortal Kombat, but that game is about murder, not fighting.

Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for wrapping up the work day. You don’t want to think anymore, you just want to look at awesome things. And there’s nothing more awesome than a well crafted piece of videogame fan art. If you don’t agree, what the hell are you doing at a gaming blog?

Jeffrey Cruz is the lastscionz, and all he does is fancy artwork. Save the world, man! And don’t forget seeso2d, who lastscionz collaborated with.


  1. Please tell me that I can download this in 1920×1200 resolution? I would love this as a wallpaper!!! =)
    Please Dylan?