Update: It’s Starhawk baby! Starhawk!!

Everyone’s favorite tease, Geoff Keighley, will be showing off a new PS3 exclusive tonight on GTTV!  What could it be!?  We have some high flying theories, but we’re just gonna have to wait and see!

So, let’s have some guesses shall we?  What do ya think!?


  1. My guess is Agent. It was annouced two years ago at E3 to be a PS3 exclusive by Rockstar and to this day barely anything was said about it.

  2. Can’t be Twisted Metal as it has already been revealed with gaemplay and information. It would be nice if it was Agent though. Metal Gear Rising also would not be considered a reveal.

    It also won’t be Ninja Theory related as they are styaing with multiplatform from now on. But for a reveal lke this it would have to be a fairly decent developer who has worked with Sony before.

    I’m betting it will either be an announcement from Zipper Interactive, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, or possibly, but least likely, Guerilla Games.

    Zipper may be changing the rules of multiplayer online games once again with a single player and multiplayer focussed MAG 2 or another shooter. Media Molecule may have a multi-and-signle-player game, perhaps a new iteration of LBP but with new mechanics for online play. Quantic Dream could be doing ANYTHING knowing them. And Guerilla Gameswill surely have been working on something else since before Killzone 3 was released.

    Or perhaps it is an announcement from Epic Games that the Gears trilogy will be making it’s way to PS3. They own the rights so it’s possible. But unlikely.

  3. Well then it’s gotta either be yet MORE from Insomniac or something from Naughty Dog? I’d be cut if it was just more Resistance or Uncharted footage, I was hoping for an epic game reveal. Santa Monica showing off a new GOW perhaps…? :P