The latest entry into the long running PES franchise has just been announced and appears to be setting its sights on an ambitious future.

The team working on PES 2012 is closely working with both fans of the series and football fans to create one of the most realistic and immersive football experiences available on todays consoles.

Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka, the Creative Producer of the Pro Evo Soccer spoke on the announcement saying;

“For me, the ultimate aim in the ongoing PES series is to match what people see when they go to a match or watch a big game on TV with what they experience on their console, as such, in consultation with football fans across the globe, we have been working non-stop to isolate and determine how to make our game marry in with how real football is played. This is key to PES 2012, and key to providing the ultimate football experience within a console title.”

PES 2012 will feature a swathe of new innovations including the ability to draw out defendes with dummy runs plus new refined AI that will support you closer in more intimate one-on-one engagements.

With the numerous refinements to the series plus a number of graphical and lighting based changes, PES 2012 is set to truly capture the atmosphere and essence of football.

Pro Evo Soccer 2012 will be launching in Spring, 2011 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, Wii, PSP and Playstation 2.


  1. please make the game more manual not like pes 2011 u cant fully control your players also the shooting is really poor. i love pes and hate fifa but fifa have the basic’s which makes it a better.

    sometimes i feel like im a train wen i play pes 2011 because it always does the same thing like a train always travels along the same track if u get what i mean.

    but looking at this video im excited i may finally get a pes which i can play over and over again.

  2. Hi,

    I am really excited about PES2012 now.

    But there are Some flaws in PES2011 that i will mention below. Please Please try to rectify in PES2012. They are:::

    1) Poor referee decisions in tackles,penalty-kick and offside. Half of the time i am not even offside and referee gives it a offside decision.
    2) Some online players have bunch of star players who have crazy stats. And they just run all the way in my goal and if we tackle that player or make a challenge, referee gives it a foul or else that player runs straight in to my goal.
    3)Players like C.Ronaldo, Higuain, Messi, Aguero,Forlan,Ribery, Robeen, Arshavin, Krasic, Piatti,…. have crazy stats. They are good players but they dont score all goals individually in a real game. This has to be addressed or atleast make there stamina very less so that if someone tries to just run with them, they get tired easily and not effect the game alot.
    4) Sometimes in Masterleague online, some players just logout or turnoff there wifi or whatever to get out of online game because they are losing, and i dont get any money for that. That is very annoying especially players from D2 & D1 divisions do that.
    and finally
    5) Please Please Please have legendary players like Ronaldinho, Zidane, Beckham…… and all in PES2012. I dont care if you have them in game with a different name. :)