Now I’m no stranger to wonderful creations being made in Minecraft – I’ve smashed the walls of countless mountains with my buddy Aaron Alexander and blown up my fair share of nice houses.

But this ‘Ghibli World’ really takes the cake when it comes to impressive structures and they’re on a scale so big it makes the Marshmallow Man look tiny.

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese film and animation studio based out of Tokyo famous for their work on Castle in the Sky and the amazing Spirited Away just to name a couple.

Each area in the Minecraft Ghibli World has been painstakingly created to capture the vibe of the movie its based off. My words can’t describe the awesomeness however, so check the video out below.


  1. down.

    Thanks to youtube your article is now completely lacking content. I wonder if there’s a lesson in here somewhere…

  2. im so ticked off at youtube for letting the big ugly corporations push them like this. the anime is funded by freakin’ FANS. we all know this. whose idiot idea was it that no one can be a fan anymore. :(