You think your favorite PC game has serious advanced graphics options?  CDProjekt is busy coming up with terms that don’t even exist for The Witcher 2!!

As you can see in the screenshot of the configuration tool below, there are a litany of options the likes of which would make Crysis: Warhead blush.  Although this is a DX9 title, CDProjekt is making sure you will be able to tailor the visual settings to your hearts content to truly test out all of the eye candy The Witcher 2 has to offer.

However, what’s most interesting is the inclusion of UberSampling.  You may be asking yourself… “What the fuck is UbserSampling!?”  Good question.  According to CDP:

“The whole scene is rendered multiple times to give [the] best possible texture and object details and antialiasing (better than antialiasing and anisotropy even on highest settings).”

So… this one option replaces the need to set your game to highest AA and AF!?

I think I speak for everyone when I say:

Only the L337est of the L337 PC’s will be able to run the game with these settings enabled… you’ve been warned.

CDProjekt, doing PC gamers proud since 2007.

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    • You will get great graphics with a 560ti!! I use one for PhysX. Sure that has nothing to do with The Witcher 2 but I like to brag :-p

  1. @Dave I remember you saying you were averaging 30FPS with your 560ti ,at what Res you were playing? AA Enabled?

    I bought the game already thanks to you and your comments in other articles,I am really sacred that my ATIHD4890 wont be able to run it on Max setting at 720P

    • I NEVER used my 560ti by itself to play The Witcher 2! you must have misunderstood my comments! My 560ti is dedicated to PhysX. The Witcher 2 runs visuals from my GTX 590. I got 40+ on uber and 60 solid on high. There are none of these options in the preview build. As soon as I have my full build from CDP I’ll let you know and make plenty of benchmarking videos as usual!


      • I am F##ked hahahahah ,if this game anything like the first one ,we are screwed

        I really do hope CDProjekt optimize the game ,they better do
        thank you again

        • It’s certainly much better optimized, how optimized? Only time will tell…

          Thanks for the feedback and for hanging out at RipTen ^__^

  2. Amazing, achieved with DX 9 too! If a DX 11 patch would to come out it would mean better performance but ah well.

    I hope my ATI 6950 2gb (My Nvidia Gt220 as PhysicX, yes i like to brag too) will be able to run this! BWAHAHA! I think Crysis 2 is gona get a bitch slap in the face.

    I should prolly upgrade my RAM… My whole system!!! exept my G.Cards!

    Because i cant boast of 4gb DDR2 600mhz Black Geil ram can i?

  3. Ubersampling = Supersampling. Given their explanation, that’s pretty much the definition of Supersampling (which has been around for ages).

    It’s a very (very) expensive technique, but I guess we’ll see how the performance stacks up tomorrow

  4. Coolio. Sucks that DDR2 Cost more then DDR3 nowadays, ah well.
    Can’t wait for post tomorrow :O Lucky guy you!