Talk about the best gaming based news I could wake up to!

Following the awesome ‘hacking‘ series of events over at the BIS Forums and accompanying websites, what many people suspected to be the upcoming announcement of ArmA 3 today turned out to be true.

Bohemia Interactive today announced that ArmA 3 was in development and due for a Summer 2012 release exclusively for PC.

The next game is set to take place on a Mediterranean island modelled off real geographic data and information. Unlike the previous titles, ArmA 3 is set to feature a heavily story driven campaign and will feature numerous endings and completion methods.

The animations system has been re-done and will also feature support for nVidia’s Physx technology to provide realistic vehicle and infantry simulations.

Creative Director of the upcoming simulator, Ivan Buchta, spoke out on the announcement saying:

”Our ambition is not only to deliver the next generation of Arma with the improved engine, but also to fully exploit the potential of our new technology in the gameplay. You can look forward to the unique experience of blending sandbox-style combat with a rich story.”

Accompanying the announcement were a series of screenshots that you can check out below.

RipTen will have full coverage of ArmA 3 at E3 2011.


  1. Now awaiting a news release to tell me when the PC will be released that can run ArmA 3 on full everything.