All three times that I’ve used my PSP, I’ve thought to myself “shouldn’t I be playing this on a console?” so it’s only apt that Sony announce a brand new initiative named the “PSP Remaster Series”. Sony will be bringing select titles from it’s PSP catalog to the Playstation 3. As the name suggests, the games will be remastered in High Definition (and 3D provided your TV supports it) , as well as receiving various PlayStation 3 exclusive content and best of all – we can finally play the games they way they were intended, with a Dualshock.

According to Sony, both the PS3 and PSP versions of the same games can share data, perhaps allowing players to take their game on the go with the PSP, then playing it later at home on the PlayStation 3. Though it’s not clear right now if you’ll have to buy 2 versions of the game, or if it’s compatible between platforms. As expected, the feature will first kick off in Japan, though the wording of Sony’s statement suggest that they are indeed interested in making this an international feature. The first title coming to the service is none other then Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, under the new alias “Monster Hunter Portable HD” (Can I smell a future NGP port?)

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