When the original invites went out for Sony’s E3 press event, many a head turned when they saw that the event would span over five hours.

However, it seems as if most of that time will be spent partying and playing games, not sitting in an auditorium watching Kaz Hirai tout RIIIIDGE RAAAACER on the NGP.

Here’s the breakdown of the event:

3:30-5pm: Pre-show reception with world renowned DJs and LAs best food trucks including Empanadarama

5-6:30pm: Press Conference

6:30-8pm: Hands on time with almost all of the press conference content on over 120 PS3 and NGP kiosks.

8-9:30pm: Special performance

So, no need for blankets and pillows guys – just come for the empanadas and stay for the gaming.

Want to know what it’s like inside?  Don’t worry, we’re live blogging the whole thing and I’ll likely be tweeting my ass off as DJ Kaz does his thing.

Stay tuned.