You’ve heard that name before… Futuremark… but where? Oh yeah, it was that mind-shatteringly cool zeroG-FPS Shattered Horizon, the DX10-Only game that thrust players into space. That was a hugely innovative and enjoyable title (though sadly short-lived) and… oh wait, maybe I know their name because they make that worldwide bench-marketing utility 3DMark? Well in fact they do both and we should all be excited when they announce a range of new games.

Futuremark says that there are three new titles in the pipeline and we can expect to see them on PC, XBLA and iOS. Take a look at this sweet new trailer.

That game at the end gets me every time. It’s like they’ve taken Shattered Horizon, added Descent and it leaves me feeling all Battlefield: Space. These guys have a proven track record for responding to and interacting with their player base so I hold great hope for anything coming out of their studios.

Our RipTen news-hounds will have their nose to the trail at the upcoming E3 conference, if we find out anything more we’ll bring it straight to you.

For more, check out Futuremark’s facebook page.