Remember that underrated Wii game House of the Dead: Overkill? No? Well you probably aren’t alone there. Mature titles, regardless of quality, usually don’t find too much of an audience on Nintendo’s flagship console. Just ask Sega about their other mature themed romp Madworld.

Unlike Madworld, House of the Dead: Overkill will receive a chance to find an audience on another console with the release the House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut. The title is an on-rails shooter that puts you in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Bayou county. You (and possibly a friend) must blast your way through 7 stages plus 2 additional stages exclusive to the new Extended Cut version.

The title will be getting a full graphical upgrade and will feature both 3D and Move support, a must for an on-rails shooter.

Using a host of weapons, watch your back as mutants go mad for blood! Blast bloody pieces out of their wretched bodies to save you and a friend’s life as you work to uncover the mystery behind the outbreak. New goodies like PlayStation® trophies, new game modes and new content are outnumbered by only one thing: Bullets. Will you defeat everything this freakish nightmare town throws at you or will you become mutant chowder?

Get ready for copious amounts of cursing, bloody mutants, and strange protagonists when Sega unlocks the House of the Dead on October 28th.