Ever wondered what roaming the vast landscapes of Los Santos, San Fierro or even Las Venturas would feel like in GTA IV‘s RAGE engine? Wonder no longer.  Well actually, keep wondering for a little while, but for now enjoy this video demonstrating the tech behind the mod that makes said ideas possible:

No official word on when “GTA IV San Andreas” will be completed, but I for one will be playing this mod day one. Unless of course the next Grand Theft Auto releases before then, one can only hope…

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  1. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that this is the Rage Engine. This just looks like the goddamn PC version of San Andreas in 1080p. Why do people go nuts over this guys “Mod”

    • That’s because the texture models are still from the original game in some spots. Watch the trailer, are you meaning to tell me that they reversed Niko into San Andreas’s engine, complete with dirtbike from GTAIV with the same physics applied? Do some reading before you come and try to kill the buzz, here I’ll even give you a starting point;