We still don’t know much about Darksiders 2, but it looks like we may soon.

So far, all we know is that, it’s coming, it will feature a new protagonist, and it will take place at the same time as the original game (there’s only one apocalypse)

Anyhow, a possible tease regarding the sequel to the 2010 THQ and Vigil Games cult hit Darksiders has been discovered after Danny Bilson, an Executive Vice-President at THQ, and Darksiders media whore, made the following comment on Twitter.

This on its own isn’t special until you consider the following tweet, made by Game Informer magazine’s Chief Editor Andy McNamara, re-tweeted by Bilson a day earlier.

Why else would THQ be retweeting a GI cover announcement? Relic’s Space Marines is on the horizon but as an untested property it’s unlikely to be featured in such a prominent way. Other possible THQ publications to feature are Volition’s Red Faction: Armaggedon (but it’s way too close to release) and the recently announced Saints Row: The Third (also from Volition).

What really sells this as a Darksiders 2 teaser though is Andy’s cry about the cover art being amazing.  Famed comic artist Joe Mad is the series creative director who brought an uncanny and psychotic visual flair to the title. Surely it is his talent that has elicited such an enthusiastic response.

So we’re gonna call it now:  the next Game Informer will feature Darksiders 2 and will have an awesome cover drawn by Joe Mad himself.

Our own Chad Lakkis loved Darksiders and the whole RipTen team are eager to get our hands on more War and his horsemen buddies. Stay tuned to RipTen’s E3 coverage as our intrepid news-hounds bring you up to the minute reports on all the action.