A trusted source has told RipTen that the previously titled Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) is now in fact called the Playstation Vita (PSV), and everyone’s favorite Sony exclusive adventure franchise will be making a splash on the next generation handheld.

Whilst the details are relatively shallow right now, this source has confirmed that Vita and Golden Abyss are in fact real names which will be announced soon, possibly at or prior to E3 2011.  I have a good feeling that we will find out for certain during Sony’s E3 Press Extravaganza.

RipTen will have full coverage of the events at E3 2011 plus plenty more on the developing NGP/PSV situation, so stay tuned.

Are You Ready?

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  1. I am not a fan of this name. Why can’t it just be called PSP2? That sounds cooler then PSVitamins ;). The name for Uncharted is nice. But PSVita is not. So I hope Sony changes the name. Even though if it is the name I will be there day one. Just at the end of the day PSVita is not good at all. So I hope it gets changed.

    • PSV sounds cool. Everyone thought Nintendo Wii sounded stupid at first too… even though it still sorta does… ^__^

  2. I wouldn’t want to associate my new device with the PSP either, but seriously Sony? Vita? Sounds like some shitty diet rice cracker brand

  3. Vita? Really? really! really? really! Seriously. Sounds like a biscuit to me. Why not PSP2? I’ll accept NGP already, it sounds more badass than Vita.

  4. How come you guys are using another blog’s “PS Vita” image, without sourcing where it came from?

    The images hit the web yesterday and are traceable.