Michael Pachter, who has to be the worst video game analyst of all time, has apparently had his Xbox Live account taken over by a hacker.  Odds are someone took offense to his wild and often incorrect predictions about the future of the video game industry.

Mr. Pachter had his account hacked and contacted Microsoft according to his twitter account. The tweets has since been removed, but we’ve obtained them through the magic of the internet and with major help from the folks at Gamersmint.

He apparently had a good attitude about the whole ordeal because he tweeted this:

Later on, he confirmed that someone had switched his Xbox account to Russia.

Michael did get his account back safe and sound, but it just goes to show that anyone can be targeted (even Stepto).

So, hide yo kids and hide yo wife, they hacking errbody out here.


  1. This is great. Fck you and your Xbox piece of sh!!t. 90 percent of his words are lies and even he gets pay from Microsoft to give false advertising for the garb!!ge Xbox.