Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.  Pay to play shooters are more real than you know.  In fact, it looks as if Call of Duty will be the first franchise to take the leap.

Activision is getting set to launch Call of Duty Elite.  A paid online service that will launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 and will work with Black Ops as well.

According to the Wall Street Journal (where I always go for Gaming news…)

Activision plans to charge a monthly subscription fee for the service, which will provide extra content that isn’t offered on game discs sold in stores, including downloadable map packs that give players new “Call of Duty” levels to play.

So, you will still be able to play all the regular features of CoD if you buy retail, but you will only be able to rock out on all the extra content if you are… wait for it… ELITE.

Thanks to this handy dandy and extremely annoying video presentation, we now know a few more things about CoD Elite:

  • You will be able to form groups
  • You will be able to form clans
  • You will be able to share films
  • It will be useable on tablets and smart phones
  • It works with Black Ops
  • You can create groups based on anything… like common allergies to Peanuts…
  • There will be continuous live feeds and intel streaming
  • It will allow for and facilitate league play
  • It will have a program guide
  • It will have a theater feature
  • It willbe integrated with social networking services like Facebook and YouTube

It’s not yet cemented what parts of this service will be free and which will be paid, but the bare bones Elite experience will be free for all.  This is according to Infinity Ward‘s Robert Bowling:

Stay tuned for more as this story unfolds at E3 2011.


  1. so it’ll pretty much become like the halo games where you eventually start losing modes and whatnot until youre finally forced to pony up the $.

    lol this game is gonna be so easy to skip this year.

  2. Activision is now trying to get a grip on the holy grail of the entertainment industry: a content-based paid subscription service.

    I’m pretty sure that large publishers like Microsoft, EA and others will pay close attention to how CoD Elite is received. If Acticvision succeeds, I’m afraid other companies might be tempted to do similar things.

    Soon I will need another job to fund my gaming…

    Thanks for an insightful article, by the way.

    • I am almost certain this will be a success. Hardcore CoD players will gladly pay for this service. Thanks for the feedback. \m/_((><))

  3. The game as it is, is already awesome. Another additional content would be great, I’m just worried about the monthly charge. Making it a little cheaper will be the smartest move for them. Not every gamer in the world especially those Call of Duty and First person shooter fan are rich.

  4. So wait…I’m already paying for Xbox Live. Now I have to pay EXTRA to play the game online? I hated it when Halo did this with map packs and I hate it when Activision starts talking about it. Sell the game for more $$$ if you’re going to do this to us, don’t do a subscription fee!

  5. This looks like the last-ditch attempt of a dying franchise desperately trying to fight obsolescence. I mean who wants to turn their fun carefree gaming experience into a board meeting with stats and analysis and graphs?! And who wants to talk to the people who want to do that stuff?! Only the hardcore fans who refuse to believe Call of Duty is on its way out.