Just the other day we found FEAR 3’s Co-Op ‘Contractions’ Trailer hidden under a pile of moulding bones. This afternoon a swirling vortex into hell opened up in our HQ and spat out this new teaser video.

RipTen recommends drying your trousers before handling electrical equipment.

A four person multiplayer mode, one player starts out infected by Alma and becomes a Spectre. That person must then turn the other players into Spectres before the timer runs out. Ammunition is limited, your odds of survival are vanishingly small… will you be the Soul Survivor?

Developers Day 1 Studios have John ‘Scared Me To Death During Childhood’ Carpenter assisting with cinematics and are set to deliver the latest FEAR installment on PC, Xbox and PS3 in North America on the 21st of June and the UK on the 24th of June.