Metro: Last Light, the sequel to the cult hit Metro: 2033, was announced today in London to a group of journalists who flew in from all over Europe to get a first look at the game before the rest of the world.

Without spoiling anything for anyone who has yet to play the first game, it takes place after the first one.  The first one had two different endings and Last Light will follow the darker ending (once again, I’m being vague on purpose) to help facilitate and perpetuate the tone from the first game. Basically it’s meant to be oppressive, dark, foreboding, and pessimistic.

The game takes place almost entirely underground due to the surface being uninhabitable. The apocalypse saw to that.

“The average metro dweller can expect to live a short, harsh life that will ultimately end with some unpleasant respiratory disease,” Beynon (head of THQ’s global communications) explains “An entire generation has been born and raised underground and they’ll likely not travel more than 500 yards from where they were born throughout their whole lives. The outside world, sky and sunshine are all alien concepts to them.”

The new title is meant to not only to continue the storyline, but to improve on the initial concepts presented in the first game. The intriguing aspect of using bullets as currency may be removed in an effort to allow players to get greater use of all their weapons.

“[Bullets as currency] was a concept taken from the book and that we really wanted to bring into the game world,” Beynon explains “We’ve added more weapons and we’re looking at how the player will go about acquiring guns and new equipment. We want to maintain that scarcity of equipment from the first game but not to the point that it impacts your opportunity to play with the new toys that we want you to experience.”

The true narrative of the game hasn’t really been revealed yet, but it has been confirmed that there will be a much greater focus on the Rangers and the role that they play in the Metro universe. Multiplayer will also be included in the package but we’ll have to wait to see what kind of multiplayer modes we might get.

THQ will have more to reveal at E3 2011, and Ripten will be there with the scoop. If you’re new to the whole franchise and need to be brought up to date, be sure to watch Dave Oshry’s video review of the original Metro 2033 (in a Russian accent) and then check out the trailer below.