The 3Ds is starting to assemble a pretty strong line-up of titles, but one thing sorely lacking from the plethora of titles is a co-op adventure. This will most likely the most defining feature of Heroes of Ruin, as it will sport drop-in/drop-out gameplay, a feature not commonly supported on handheld adventures. This alone should be enough to make you sit up and take notice. Can you imagine a co-op hack and slash in the palm in your hand that your friends can join on the fly? That, my friends, is the stuff of legend.

The game is only recently announced (like today recently) and whether or not this will live up to that promise is still a long way away. The game is also slated to contain Streetpass functionality (a feature that should probably be in every game for 3DS) and Spotpass. Spotpass will allow players to connect to local wi-fi hotspots and download rare and limited edition items. Players will also be able to use Spotpass meet new gamers, trade and barter for items, and assemble a team.

Sounds promising, and even better, Heroes of Ruin will be on display at the Square Enix booth at E3 2011 and with any luck our “highly trained” journalistic ninjas will sniff it out and deliver a story. Right now, enjoy this teaser that doesn’t really show much, but maybe it’ll pique your interest.