Are You Ready?

Sony just lifted an embargo on Pre-E3 content meaning that anyone with some info on the NGP (Vita) can now post it all over the glorious internet. The biggest confirmation is that the new Uncharted title will be titled Golden Abyss. We can add that to the list of stuff that we told you was going to happen. With the Uncharted title confirmed, it might be a safe bet to say that the new system will be called “Vita.”

Practically everything related to the new system has gone live, including the list of launch games for the NGP. We know all of this courtesy of the fine journalists over at VG247.

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: Developed by Bend Studios, the game will contain the same sort of adventures and action you are used to with the series, as well as the intoduction of touch and tilt controls.
    • wipEout 2084: The game is set during the birth of “anti-gravity racing” and features a near-future environmentsand the ability to play against PS3 racers on WipEout HD Fury.
    • Little Deviants: This title contains a series of “madcap adventures” which will utlize NGP’s rear touch pad, touch screen, the motion sensor, and both the front and rear cameras. It contains augmented reality elements and makes use of the handheld’s microphone.
    • Reality Fighters: An augmented reality fighting game in which you capture yourself using the NGP camera andgo up against other fighters around the world.
    • Super Stardust Delta: The game uses the dual analog sticks, plus the touch screen and motion sensing controls.
    • Sound Shapes (working title): Play, compose and share with other NGP users with this “side-scrolling platformer.” In it, you will create music with your actions using the touch screen and share them with the PSN community.
    • Hustle Kings: Like the PSN version, only handhled and makes use of precision controls via the touch screen and rear touch pad.
    • Everybody’s Golf: ClapHanz has added touch and tilt controls to the game of golf which also includes online multiplayer.
    • Resistance Retribution: Since you will be also to play your PSP games from the PlayStation Store on NGP, start with James Grayson’s voyage across Europe which makes use of the NGP’s dual analog sticks.

As far as limiting factors like battery life go, we don’t really know yet. Sony isn’t so keen on revealing what will probably be a downside of the portable. The screen is a 5″ OLED screen, but doesn’t make the system overly large or cumbersome.
The two sticks on the sides of the screen reportedly feel similar to the PS3 and take a very limited time to adjust to. The back panel is described as being smooth and fluid; sitting unnoticed unless you are actually using it. The system will also be backwards compatible with PSP games, so that’s a huge plus that could lead to more early adopters.
That’s about all we know, but we’ll be sure to deliver more info when Ripten is at E3 2011 next week.