Nintendo has officially announced the successor to their Wii console entitled the “Wii U.” Now before you get all angry thinking that you’ll have to buy all new peripherals for the console, it has been announced that it will be fully backwards compatible with all the controllers, accessories, and games from the original Wii.

The new console, which we have been kept blissfully unaware of the price point, features a new console and a new touchscreen controller that are both capable of full HD visuals. Is this the future? It might be.

The console doesn’t have a price point or a concrete release date for 2012 (smart bets are always around Christmas) but we do know that the gameplay will definitely be awesome.

The console itself is mostly under wraps. We don’t know the specifications of the hardware yet, but we do know that it will use an optical disc similar to the size of a DVD. Whether or not it will be a DVD or some other proprietary disc is still unknown. The console is also capable of outputting full 1080P visuals and is backwards compatible with Wii games, accessories, and peripherals. We don’t know yet if it will be compatible with Gamecube games. All smart answers point to no.


The controller is the heart and soul of the Wii U. It is a powerhouse featuring a 6.2 inch touch screen, two analog sticks, four face buttons and 4 triggers on the back. The new trailer really shows off how it works. You can see it below courtesy of Gamespot. Stay tuned to Ripten for our continuing E3 coverage. As always when we know more, you’ll know more.